• Fractions are a Hoot! 
    I know you all love playing a Kahoot quiz, so now I'm giving you the opportunity to make your own!  For this assignment, you will use your fabulous fraction knowledge to create word problems to challenge your friends.  Follow the guidelines below to earn an A and maybe even have your Kahoot game played in class to review for a quiz!
    Step 1: Create your word problems.
    a. You will need to choose two fractions.  Make sure they do not have the same denominator (that's so fourth grade!)  
    b. You will need to create 4 problems.  One problem that requires you to add fractions, one problem that requires you to subtract fractions, one problem that requires you to multiply fractions, and one problem that requires you to divide fractions.  
    c. Use people from TRE as characters in your word problem.  Make sure your word problem is nice :)  
    d. Type your word problem into Microsoft Power Point (don't worry about making the background pretty) Use the largest size font that will fit on the screen so that people will be able to read it from the back of the classroom. 
    Here's my example problem:   Gabby wants to bake a cake for Mrs. Brewton's upcoming birthday.  Gabby is really sweet! She needs 3/4 cups of milk to make the cake, but she only has 1/2 cup.  She wants to borrow more milk from Philip.  How much more milk does Gabby need?
    Step 2: Save your word problem as a picture. 
    Kahoot does not allow you to type a lot of words in the question box, so instead, we'll make our word problem into a picture.  Here's how:
    a) Open the Snipping Tool from the Start Menu.  
    b) Draw a box around your entire word problem.
    c) Click the blue disk to SAVE your word problem as a picture.  Save it in the Brewton Kahoot Problems folder if you are working on this at TRE.  Be sure to name the file!
     *Another way to save a Power Point slide as a picture is to click "File">"Save As  Then change it from "PowerPoint Presentation" to "JPEG"  
    Step 3: Create an account on GetKahoot.com
    You will need an email address for this step.  If you do not have your own email address, ask you parents if you may use theirs.  You will not be able to move forward without an email address.  
    a) Once you create your account, it will give 3 choices.  Please click on QUIZ
    b) Give your Kahoot Quiz a name like "Fractions by Sample Kid".  Remember, I'm grading this, so be sure you use your name somewhere in the title so you'll get full credit!
    c)  Watch this video to see the remaining steps to making your very own Kahoot game! 
     Step 4: Share your Kahoot quiz with Mrs. Brewton
    The last step is turning in your project.  There's a very simple way to SHARE your Kahoot with Mrs. Brewton.  You will need the correct  spelling of my first name to share with me: Jamylle
    Watch this video to find out how to share.