• 2017 Luella High School

    AP Registration and Payment Information

    2016-17 AP Exam Payment Options:

    There will be 3 phases to the payment window for 2016 AP exams.

    *For any student who is on free/reduced lunch, the first AP exam is free of charge ($0). Registration form still must be completed and submitted in order for an exam to be ordered.


    *NO AP Exam may be purchased after Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

    *NO REFUNDS will be issued, even if the student does not take the AP Exam for which she/he paid. 

    AP teachers will work with each student to determine whether the student is taking the AP Exam for that class. For students who will be taking the AP Exam, the student must complete the AP Exam Registration form which will be turned in with the student’s payment. If payment is made through PayPal online, the form must still be submitted to the front office as soon as possible.

    NEW: Students who would like to start paying early may pay in installments in increments equal to the exam fee at the time of payment. Please note: A separate AP Exam Registration form must be submitted for each payment only if paying in installments.

    • Only one AP Exam Registration Form is needed per student if paying for all at one time. All exams should be marked on one form (except for students paying for exams in installments).
    • Payment in cash or money order for AP exams will be taken in the front office and a receipt will be issued. Note: All payments must accompany a fully completed AP Exam registration form.
    • IMPORTANT: Students receiving one free exam due to free/reduced lunch status must submit a registration form to the front office selecting the AP exam to be taken.