• Mt. Carmel Elementary

    Classroom Visitation Procedures


    The faculty and administration of Mt. Carmel Elementary welcomes you to our school and we thank you for your interest in the instructional program that we offer for our students.  We hope that your visit is a rewarding experience, one that provides you with a greater insight into the skill, professionalism, and dedication of our staff.  Our desire is to ensure that the instructional process is not disturbed, so we have several requirements that we ask all visitors to comply with during their time in the classroom. 

    ·        A minimum of a 24-hour notice is requested.  Please contact the teacher for an agreeable time and date. This gives the teacher  time to ensure a chair and copies of instructional activities are available for the visitor. 

    ·       Upon arrival at school, check in at the office and obtain a visitor sticker.  You will be asked to show identification and the office  staff will verify your appointment with your child’s teacher.

    ·       Whenever possible, the visitor should plan to arrive at the beginning of a lesson and remain until the end of the lesson.  If arrival is after the lesson has begun, entrance to the room should be as quiet as possible.  Visitations will not be allowed if the class is involved with testing, and classroom visitations will be limited to an hour.

    ·       The visitor is to sit where the teacher directs him/her and all cell phones should be turned off.

    ·       Visitors are to be silent observers while in the classroom.  The teacher has the responsibility of all students, so the visitor cannot discuss his/her child or the observation immediately before or after the visit.  A phone or personal conference date can be requested through the office staff.

    ·       Visitors are not to talk with the teacher or with any student during the visitation.

    ·        Any information regarding the observation should be confidential between the teacher, administrator, and visitor.  Electronic recording or video taping of students or the teacher once inside the school is not permitted. 

    ·        After the completion of the visit, visitors are asked to return to the main office to sign out.

    Any visitor disruption to instruction will result in the parent/guardian being asked to leave the classroom and school, and revocation of authorization for further visitation.

    Thank you for your attention to these guidelines and procedures.


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