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    I know some of us are not wizards when it comes to computers and sometimes we get frustrated.  However, here are some user-friendly websites that may come in handy to help you assist with your child's education.  Also, if you have some other suggestions for educational websites, please let me know and I will gladly add them to our list.  Thanks and I hope you enjoy them.
     Mindplay: This is the reading program used for all grades at Tussahaw Elementary School.  It is recommended that students work on it for about 20-30 minutes a day. Please allow your child to work INDEPENDENTLY.  Here's why.  If you are helping your child complete assignments at home, when he/she has to complete them at school, he/she will struggle because YOU are not there to assist him/her. So please,let him/her do it alone.  
    Steps to log into Mindplay:  
    Go to Tussahaw Elementary School web page- OR click Tussahaw Elementary School
    You must access the program through Classlink on the Henry County Launchpad.  
    How do I access the Launchpad at home?
    1. Go to Launchpad.classlink.com/henry
    2. Type in your username and password.
      • Username- student (lunch) number
      • Password- FirstInitialLastInitialBirthdate#
        • IE: ab082012# for Alex Brown with a birthdate of August 20, 2012.
    1. Students will find all needed apps here.