2018-2019 7th Grade Math



    Classroom instruction will be guided by the Georgia Standards of Excellence as established by the Dept. of Education. Seventh grade math consists of Six Units:  Operations with Rational numbers, Expressions and Equations, Geometry, Inference, Ratio proportional relationships, and Probability.  

    First Semester:

    Unit 1             Operations & Rational Numbers (6 weeks)

    Unit 2             Expressions & Equations (6 weeks)

    Unit 3             Ratios & Proportional Relationships (5 weeks)


    Second Semester:

    Unit 4             Geometry (5 weeks)

    Unit 5             Inferences (2 weeks)  

    Unit 6             Probability (4 weeks)

    Unit 7             Show What We Know (3 weeks)


    (Please note this pacing schedule is a guide and may change as needed.)


    Course Requirements:  Regular attendance is expected in this course along with class participation.  Class activities and discussions are valuable for test performance and cannot be recovered once they are missed due to absence.  If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to check, get notes and assignments missed. Please refer to the student handbook for grace period permitted for make-up assignments.  Each day you should come prepared.  


    Test Correction/Re-take Policy:

    The correction of or retake of assessments will be administered  at the discretion of the teacher.


    Standards Based Grading:

    Students will be assessed on each standard; which may be found at www.georgiastandards.org. Homework is a vital tool for greater understanding and practice.  Students will be given multiple opportunities to show mastery of the various standards covered throughout the year. Final grades for each semester are cumulative and will be calculated using the following percentages:


    Major Assessments           45% (summative and formative assessments, diagnostic assessments)

    Minor Assessments           40% (class work, projects, culminating tasks, reflections)

    Final Exam                        15% (semester exams)



    **Your success in this class depends on the amount of time and effort you are willing to apply.  Working together, we can have a great year. **



    The above syllabus is subject to changes and adjustments.  Check my website for updates and announcements.  E-mail is the fastest means of communication; however, I will be glad to call you if needed. 



    I look forward to a wonderful year working with each of you!