• Stacey Lowe

    Ola Elementary School

    First Grade Teacher

    Dear Parents,

              Welcome to first grade!  I am looking forward to teaching your child this year.  Below you will find information that will be very helpful to you and your child to help both of you to adjust to the changes and challenges for the upcoming school year.

     Daily Folders

     Please check your child’s folder daily. The daily folder should go home and come back to school every day.  

    It is very important to read to and with your child. I encourage you to read at least 15 minutes a day with your child. Please log your reading sessions on the Reading Log located in the right hand pocket of the folder. Your child should turn it in on the last day of the month. Students will receive a reward for completing the Reading Log on time.

     Having the Behavior Calendar signed daily is a part of homework. This will be found in the left pocket.  Please help me teach your child responsibility by making it routine to check the bookbag and homework folder together each day.

    On the left side, you will find any notes, reminders with the Behavior Report. Please sign any papers that are in this side marked “sign and return” and return them to me in your child’s folder on the next school day. On the right side on Fridays, you will find any papers that have been checked, recorded, and ready to go home.  Please do not send student papers back to me unless they are in the side marked “sign and return.”


    Anytime you write a check , please write your phone number on the check. If you do not, it will be returned for a phone number. 



    If a student deviates from his/her regular routine of going home, parents must inform the office in writing. Without a note, the student will be sent home by their regular routine. This is a school policy.


    If your child must miss school, please send in a written note or doctor’s excuse when your child returns to school. Please do not email it. I must have it in writing.



    Lunch is from 11:56 - 12:26. Since lunch is later, you may want to send your child with a snack.  They may bring a daily snack from home, but I ask that you follow a few simple guidelines.  Please send only healthy dry snacks or fruit (no pudding, Jell-o, etc.), and no candy or drinks.  Snacks will not be provided. Students may bring a personal water bottle labeled with his/her name.



    We will have two Student Showcase nights this year. One will be in the fall and one will be in the spring. If you have any concerns, please set up a conference with me so I can have accurate information, work samples, and behavior notes in front of me.

    Rules/ Behavior

    In order to guarantee your child and all students in our classrooms the excellent educational climate they deserve, each child needs to respect the learning environment and not prohibit the success of his/her classmates.  Therefore, we will be utilizing the following discipline plan in our classroom:


    1.  Be respectful

    2.  Be responsible

    3.  Be ready to learn

    4.  Be really safe

    Every child begins on green each day. Students may clip up to blue, purple, pink or clip down to yellow, orange, or red based on the choices made through the day. 

    To encourage children to practice appropriate behavior, the following things will be used to elevate self-esteem:  praise, notes home, treats, class rewards, stickers, and scholoar dollars. 

    It is in your child’s best interest that we work together with regard to their schooling.  I will keep you informed about your child’s progress in class.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you see an area that needs work, or have suggestions that may help your child.  

    Thank you,

    Stacey Lowe


    School Phone: 770.957.5777