Understanding Speech-Therapy

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    Speech-language impairment : a communication skill which differs so significantly or content from peers that it calls attentions to itself, disrupts communication or affects emotional, social,intellectual or educational growth. It maybe mild to profound. It maybe congenial or acquired. Speech-language impairment refers to areas of articulations, language, voice and fluency.


    Articulation- A production of speech sounds characterized by substitutions, omissions, additions or distortions that may interfere with intelligibility.


    Fluency- an interruption in the flow of speaking characterized by rate, rhythm and or repetitions in sounds, syllables words phrases.


    Voice- the abnormal production and/or absence of vocal quality, pitch, loudness, resonance and /or duration, which is inappropriate for an individual's age or sex.


    Language- impairment comprehension and/or use of spoken or other symbol systems.This may involve the form of language (phonology, morphology,syntax, the content of semantics and /or the function of( pragmatics) in communication in any combination.