A Nation in Crisis: What can the President do?

  •          In the 1850s America faced a national crisis that would lead to the Civil War in 1861. Conflicting sectional interest contributed to political strife and secession. These challenges tested the leadership of state and national leaders. Use the resources provided to learn what the president did during the war.   Record your work on your sheet. Share your thoughts and questions with others for your class in Edmodo. 

    What did the president do?

    How did the Constitution influence what he did?

    What did he struggle with?





    Reminders for Edmodo:

    -All post must include your name.

    -Post should be content focused not about another participant.




    Finished with the documents? Time to show what you know.

    Go Word Mover and start a new poem. 

    Choose Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

    Combine your words with Lincoln's words to create a found poem about what Lincoln faced during the Civil War and how he handled it.

    Include the word "Challenges" in the title of your poem.

    Customize the work to match your message.

    Email your work to your teacher or upload to completed work to 3Ring or Edmodo as appropriate.





Last Modified on November 17, 2015