• Welcome to my 7th grade Collaborative Math and Language Arts


    I pray that you had an exciting summer and you are ready for an amazing year of personalized learning. I will be your collaborative math, language arts and social studies teacher and or your case manager this year. Please review a few important items in this letter to get you started. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at crystal.williams@henry.k12.ga.us. I look forward to working with you.



    v    Be respectful at all times to teacher and classmates

    v    Participate in class discussions and activities (10% per week per course is my rule of thumb)

    v    Come to class with needed materials

    v    Prepare for all assessments

    v    Be responsible and punctual on assignments/projects including make- up work or missed assignments

    v    No student has the right to interfere with the learning environment



    Assignments and due dates will be posted on my teacher webpage. Students will record due dates for all assignments in their Agenda. Progress will be monitored online through Infinite Campus and Edgenuity.  Homework will consist of preparing for weekly seminar assessments, completing any unfinished classwork/Edgenuity lessons, and completing projects.  Since we do not have a textbook, all handouts and assignments must be kept in your notebook and e-notes.

    **It is the student’s and parents’ responsibility to make arrangements for make-up work. Students are encouraged to work on Edgenuity or visit their teacher webpage for missed assignment if they are absent from school.**



    ü  Ear buds and flash drive (or personal technology)

    ü  colored pencils/crayons

    ü  scissors

    ü  highlighters

    ü  dry erase markers

    ü  sticky notes

    ü  Graph paper

    ü  Loose leaf paper

    ü  Pencils (extra easers)

    ü  Sheet protectors

    ü  Smarties (Candy)



    ü  Copy Paper (all colors)

    ü  Card stock paper (all colors)

    ü  Paper Towels

    ü  Hand Sanitizer

    ü  Clorox Wipes

    ü  Kleenex


    GRADING:          100-90=A     89-80=B     79-74=C     73-70=D     69-0=F


    ü  45% - Seminar Assignments/projects

    ü  40% - Edgenuity Quizzes

    ü  15% - Semester Exam