I.                     General Information

    Instructor(s): Ms. Riley/Ms. Schlottman                                                       Course Name: Biology           
    Location: Room 214                                                                                        Course #: 5633/5665


    Email: melanie.riley@henry.k12.ga.us



    Contact Information: 770-957-3943

    Preferred time of contact: Planning period:   1st period (8:40-10:11)

    While there are several methods available to contact us, we are available through email more readily. You will likely receive a quicker response using this method. Also, most phone calls will take place during our first period planning time. On the attached information sheet, please provide up to date contact information including email(s), home phone, and cell phone numbers.


    Each teacher has a webpage that can be accessed from the HCHS webpage at www.henry.k12.ga.us/hch.

    From the homepage, click on teachers and find the name of the teacher that you need.



    Course Description: Biology is the study of life. Students will explore the following areas of biological and life sciences: cell structure and function, genetics and evolution, human anatomy and physiology, basic chemistry and biomolecules, plants and ecological relationships, and structure and function of organisms.


    Course Domains/EOCT Categories and Weights

    Cells                                 17-18%

    Organisms                      17-18%

    Genetics                          25%

    Ecology                            25%

    Evolution                         14-15%


    1. Materials Needed:

      1. Textbook: Biology (McDougall Littell)

      2. 3-ring binder with dividers

      3. #2 pencils

      4. Blue or black ink pen only

      5. Loose notebook paper

      6. 3x5 index cards

      7. Composition notebook

      8. Items that would be useful: calculator, graph paper, color pencils


    III.    Grading Policy:

    Assessment                                                                           60%

    Practice                                                                                  40%

    Course Grade: Total18 week Grade = 100%*


    *Course Grade                                                                      80%

    Final Exam/EOCT                                                                  20%

    Final Course Grade                                               100%


    ***NOTE: This entire course is taught in one semester. At the end of December, this course will be over. Your final grade will be calculated. When school begins in January, you will start over with a new set of classes..


    IV.   Late work and Assignments:

    It is expected that you turn work in on time! However, it you should miss an assignment, it is your responsibility to make up assignments in a timely manner.


    1. Missing  Assignments, Labs, and Tests:

    It is the responsibility of the student to obtain missed assignments or make arrangements to make up missed tests due to an absence upon return to school. Some lab activities cannot be made up due to setup of materials; therefore, an alternative assignment may be given and graded to replace the missing lab grade. Students may schedule a time to complete missed tests/quizzes at their earliest convenience, either before or after school depending on the agreed schedule of the student and teacher.



    VI.                  School Rules:

    1. Be on time

    2. Be prepared.

    3. Be respectful.

    4. Be trustworthy.

    5. Be accountable for handbook policies and individual classroom procedures.


    VII.                Daily Procedures:

    1.        Follow all HCHS rules.

    2.        Enter the room in an orderly manner. Take your assigned seat, and begin the bellwork assignment displayed on the board/screen.

    3.        Students should raise their hands and wait to be called on before adding anything to the class discussion.

    4.        Clean up at the expected time, otherwise you may be tardy for your next class.

    5.        Respect the equipment. Do not touch any equipment without permission.

    1. Write legibly. If I can’t read it, I can’t grade it.

    2. Electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, headphones, ear buds, etc) should not be visible during class unless the teacher has permitted them for instructional purposes that day.


      **Refer to the student handbook for a detailed explanation of the discipline policy.