Membership - Goal of 100% Participation for 2020-2021


    Membership to the HMS PTO is very important to our school!  We fund many activities around the school and we need 100% participation from all families this year! Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to give your input/ideas for new activities, fundraising, and how funds are spent.

    Here are some great reasons to join:
    • Be better informed. PTO can help you keep up with what’s happening at your child’s school.

    • Make connections. Whether you attend PTO meetings and events or just stay connected via e-mails and newsletters, through PTO you’ll connect with others who share their concern for children and their education. Please keep in mind, if you are not interested in volunteering that is fine your membership helps support our annual budget to benefit all children.


    • Be a positive role model. Through your involvement in the PTO you can show your child and other children how much you value education and how being involved and giving back can make a difference. Speak up.


    HMS PTO is a forum for exchanging ideas.  Your membership can be a means to effectively suggest changes at the school and to be involved in making them happen.