Coach Corder                                       9th Grade Government/Current Issues;  11th Grade U.S. History


    Welcome to the new school year at MHS!  We have an exciting year planned and look forward to achieving our goals and being better at the end of the year than we are today.

    My email:  johnny.corder@henry.k12.ga.us

    Things you will need by the end of week one of class: (This applies to both 9th/11th grades and during remote learning.)

    ·        Spiral notebook  OR  Three-Ring binder, Pen and/or pencil, acces to an electronic device and intentional willingness to log in at the the appointed class times, and a willing attitude to work to make yourself the best you can be.


    We will use various forms of technology as a tool to facilitate and enhance our understanding of the following:

    9th Grade:  various forms of governmental systems that we live under and the pressing current issues impacting our society.

    11th Grade: an overview of and appreciation for the history of our nation and all the events which have helped to shape us into the country we are today.

    For Government Class, there are 8 units of study for this course and we will have unit assessments after each unit which will combine with our daily work and the required FINAL EXAM -or- STUDENT PROJECT at the end of the course to arrive at your final grade.

    For US History Class, there are 10 units of study and we will also have unit assessments, combined with daily work grades, and the FINAL EXAM to compose your course grade.

    Helpful resource links to these courses are:

    Crash Course

    Khan Academy

    Library of Congress

    USA Test Prep