• Bus Riders 

    Students are called by bus number from their 6th period class to dismiss for the day.
    Make sure that the bus number is written in your student's agenda.
    Discipline on the bus is handled within the school building after a driver reports behavior issues.
    Please refer to the Henry County Handbooks for more information.
    If you have other questions regarding bus transportation, the County Transportation Office can be reached at 770.957.2025. 
    Car Riders 
    Afternoon car riders are picked up at the north end of the school, at the circular driveway off of Holly Smith Drive.
    If you need to inform your student to be a car rider, please come to the Front Office for assistance. 
    Please do not park in front of the school after 3:45 p.m. 
    Students may not be picked up from the bus loading area. 
    Change of Transportation
    Students are to bring change of transportation notes to the front office at the beginning of the school day.
    The note must include the parent/guardian signature and the parent/guardian telephone number for verification.   
    Front office personnel will call parent/guardian to verify the change. 
    No change of transportation will be accepted over the telephone or by e-mail.  
    Fax requests are acceptable but must include a signature, telephone number for verification, and a clear, visible copy of parent/guardian driver’s license.

    Changes of transportation need to be reserved for emergencies when possible.  Arrangements for birthday parties, sleepovers, etc. should be handled by the parent/guardian for pick up at school instead of using the school bus.

    Permanent transportation requests should be handled through the County Transportation Office at 770.957.2025