• Course Syllabus

    Grade 10

    Instructor:   Erika Orr           ROTC 2/Room 115                               Year: 2016-2017


    Course Name and Title:     English II - World Literature                                                                                             



    Textbooks Used: Holt, Rinehart, Winston: Elements of Literature Fourth Course                  Cost: $60.00

    Supplementary Texts or Special MaterialsSadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop, Level E; selected novels; selected informational and supplementary texts.

    Course Description: During the course, the students will focus on vocabulary, writing, and various genres of literature, including drama, short stories, poetry, and novels.  The Common Core Georgia Performance Standards will guide all instruction.  Students will focus on reading literary and informational texts and writing argumentative, informational, and narrative essays 


    Course Outline and ContentWe will focus on World Literature from the beginning of history through modern times. Additionally, we will focus on style, usage, mechanics, and punctuation through writing samples.  SAT/ACT vocabulary will be encouraged as well as literary terms. Finally, students will write analytical essays to better understand the relationship between literature, history and culture, and themselves and prepare for college and future endeavors. 


    Special Assignments and Projects: These will include formal writing assignments, presentations, videos, and other special projects.


    Classroom Rules and Discipline Procedures:

    To ensure an optimum learning environment, please adhere to the following:

    ·         Students will be respectful to all adults and classmates.

    ·         Students will be seated in class when the bell rings.

    ·         Students will not display cell phones, portable electronic devices or unauthorized materials in class unless directed by a teacher to do so.

    ·         Students will use computers/technology appropriately at all times.


    Make-up Work Policies:

    Unexcused absences will result in no grades awarded for the work given while absent.  Excused absences allow the students to make up the work in the equal amount of time they were absent.


    School-wide Grading Requirements as follows:

    Semester Final Average:

    Final exam/EOCT- 9th- 12th grade level EOCT courses - 20%

    Course Final Average- 9th- 12th grade level EOCT courses - 80%

    Formative assessment:

    Practice (i.e., classwork/homework)- 20%

    Summative assessment:

    o    Quizzes/labs- 35%

    o    Major tests/projects- 45%

    Note:*the Formative and Summative Assessments equal 100% but fall under the category of  Course Final Average which is 80% of the Semester Final Average.

    *Grades for each 9 week grading period should include a minimum of the following: 3 tests in the summative assessment/Test category, 3 labs/quizzes in Lab/Quiz category and 9 Practice grades.

    Course Final Average-Semester 1 Average (50%) and Semester 2 Average (50%)


    Academic Integrity Policy:

    Academic integrity is a fundamental value of quality education; therefore, Woodland High School will not tolerate any acts of cheating, plagiarism, or falsification of school work.  Should it be determined that an academic integrity violation has taken place, the school reserves the right to assign a grade of a zero and submit a disciplinary referral to the appropriate Assistant Principal.  The school also reserves the right to remove or suspend enrollment in any Advanced Placement/Honors classes as well as Academic Honor Societies.



    Plagiarism Policy:

    The following will be considered plagiarism or cheating on any school work or tests, and will result in a grade of “0”:

    ·         Copying work or answers from other students in part or in whole

    ·         Copying word for word from a book or any source in part or in whole (without using proper MLA format for quoting and citing)

    ·         Allowing another student to “borrow” work and/or present other students’ work as his/her own in part or in whole. 

    ·         Using supplemental materials on a test or other school work. Supplemental materials might include but is not limited to cell phone communications of any sort, cheat notes of any kind from any type of source

    ·         All inappropriate supplemental sources (Cliff Notes, etc.) should not be brought to class

    ·         Working with others on projects that are meant to be done individually;

    ·         Removing test materials from the classroom to share with other students

    ·         Taking papers or information from other students, publications, or the internet.


    Department Late Work and Makeup Work Policy:

    1.       Late practice work will not be accepted. This means classwork, homework, routine daily work that goes in the practice category.

    2.       Late work will be accepted in the Tests/Essays/Projects category with a 20% deduction for each day late, up to four days (with a 20%/day reduction, the fifth day late would be zero).

    3.       For excused absences, students will have the number of days equal to the number of days of the excused absence to turn in make-up work.  Work assigned prior to the absence—if due during the absence—will be due immediately upon return to school.  It is the student’s responsibility to ask for make-up work upon return from an excused absence.  If the student missed notes from a lecture, it is the student’s responsibility to copy the notes from a peer.


    Department Ink Policy:

    Blue or black business-type ink should be used for all assignments in all English classes with the exceptions of various worksheets and scanned answer documents. If a student turns in work written in pencil, the student will be asked to rewrite the assignment, and the work will be considered late and will be treated as late work with the appropriate deductions.

    Technology Information

    Parents and students are expected to check Infinite Campus frequently for assignment details and student grades. The most efficient means of communication with your teachers is via email. Students are expected to follow school and county policies where the WIFI and Bring Your Own Technology are concerned. Additionally, all students will be required to have a professional Gmail account; these will be created during the first weeks of school.


    Materials Needed:

    1.)     3 Ring Binder 1-1 ½ inch

    2.)     Composition Journal (black and white speckled, no rings)

    3.)     Dividers

    4.)     Pens (Black or Blue)

    5.)     #2 Pencils (for scanned assessments)

    6.)     Loose Leaf Paper

    7.)     Flash Drive (Excluding San Disk)

    8.)     Sticky Notes

    9.)     Highlighters


    10.) Index Cards (3x5 white)

    11.) Box of tissue




    I have read and understand all of the objectives, requirements, and expectations.


    Student signature_________________________________________________________________ Date ________________


    Parent Signature___________________________________________________________________ Date________________


    Please return the signed form to:  Ms. Erika Orr ROTC 2


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