• Accelerated Reading Program
    In first grade, we use the Accelerated Reading program to encourage reading and to practice comprehension skills. 
    An AR book is one that your child has checked out from our Luella Media Center. There is a colored dot on the spine of the book and a sticker on the inside cover of the book that lets the student know that he/she has selected an AR book. Not all books are designated as AR books. Ask your child to explain how to tell if a book is AR. It is recommended that your child read this book at home 3-4 times to become very familiar with the content (unless it's a chapter book). After the book has been read several times please review the book with your child asking comprehension questions to ensure your child is ready to take an AR test. Once you feel your child is ready, the title of the book can then be added to the AR log in the OWLS folder and your child will be ready to take a short quiz about the book on their ipad at school. Reading AR books and taking these quizzes is a great way to boost your child’s reading level and comprehension. Students have many opportunities throughout the day to take an AR and check out new books. Students should be able to read 1-2 AR books each week and take the quiz. Thank you for monitoring your child’s reading at home and encouraging AR books and quizzes.

    The following sites are great resources to determine the reading level of books you already have at home. 

    More information about the LES guidelines for the AR program can be found here. https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Page/10326 
Last Modified on August 3, 2019