• About My Instruction
    Types of Instruction    
        This classroom utilizes multiple types of instruction in order to better meet the diverse needs of all learners. The types of instruction in my classroom include: whole group, teacher-led small group, group and partner activities, individual activities, computer/technology.   Most classes are structured with a rotation through two or more of the described types of instruction.

    Whole Group Instruction
        Whole group activities are often used to introduce a topic or unit. This instruction it designed to engage students through the use of whole group "number talks", whole group activities with modeling, and whole group discussions. These types of whole group instruction are research-based and allow the children to interact with the learning material.

    Teacher-Led Small Groups
        These groups can be either homogeneously or heterogeneously grouped by skill-level. This instruction allows me to focus specifically on the skills that a small sub-set of the class struggle with while the rest of the class work on other activities. During small group instruction the students are working with hands-on manipulatives and engaging instructional activities. There are typically 4-6 students in each teacher-led small group.

    Group and Partner Activities
        When not in the teacher-led small group, students are often participating in group and partner activities. These activities often involve math games, projects, or science experiments. Students are able to practice material and develop fluency with many concepts while having fun and working cooperatively.

    Individual Centers
        The goal of the independent center is to assess students level of comprehension. It is also to allow them to demonstrate their ability to use higher order thinking skills to compare topics or connect topics to real-world experiences.  Writing will also help to build meta-cognition skills that allow students to understand their thought processes related to specific subject area concepts. Students may also be participating in a series of individual centers which address multiple levels of Bloom's Taxonomy or creating individual projects. Students may occasionally be required to complete worksheets during individual activities.
    Teaching with Technology 
        The use of technology in the classroom is valuable tool. Technology, when used correctly is an amazing way to engage students in their learning.  In addition, it gives our students the knowledge and experience that will undeniably help them in their future careers.