Human Services: Nutrition and Food Science

    Food, Nutrition and Wellness Syllabus and Expectations

    Stockbridge High School   

    Chef Leigh Jackson          miriam.jackson@henry.k12.ga.us


    Course Description:

    Food, Nutrition and Wellness is the foundational course in the nutrition and food science pathway. The focus of the course is centered on healthy food and lifestyle choices. Students will investigate the interrelationship of food, nutrition and wellness to promote good health.

    Here are the titles of the standards we will be covering.


    Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry.



    Examine how related student organizations are integral parts of career and technology education courses through leadership development, school and community service projects, and competitive events.



    Analyze factors that influence food choices and quality of diet.



    Evaluate nutritional information in relation to wellness for individuals and families.



    Analyze the effects of food eating behaviors on wellness



    Investigate the health and nutrition requirements of individuals and families with special needs.



    Analyze food safety and sanitation practices from production to consumption.



    Compare the causes and foods at risk for illnesses.



    If it seems a little “dry”- DON”T LET IT FOOL YOU! We are a project based classroom and will be doing a lot of fun and exciting things as we learn the standards.  Everyone always asks “are we going to cook?”  The answer is YES!!! We will not cook every day and we will not start right away. There are things we must revieand know prior to moving into the kitchen labs with equipment.  Safety ALWAYS comes first.

    We will be using a combination of book and internet sources for this class. Technology will be a BIG part of this classroom as I use a lot of student discovery throughout my instruction.


    Technical devices: All student should have Henry County issud Chromebooks for class use. Please see the media center if you do not have a County device.

    NOTE: All cellular devices will be surrendered at the beginning of class to a secured location at the front of the room. Devices will be returned at the end of class. 


    Classroom expectations:


    1. Please be on time for class as I will begin promptly and you will miss important information

        In addition, my doors will be locked..


    2. Please make sure you bring a writing tool (pen, pencil, crayon- I don’t care)


    3. Please be courteous of me, your classmates and yourself.

        Rude, belligerent behavior will not be tolerated.


    4. Please do not ask to leave my class to go somewhere else. It will not happen.


    5. Please be prepared to turn in assignments on time.  You will not get an extension.


    6. Please do not talk or be on your devices while I am talking or giving directions.

        It is rude and I don’t like it.


    7. I am a reasonable person. If I request your attention and/or silence, I expect it.


    8. Please be prepared to converse. Silence is not always golden

        What you think matters to me and the success of your classroom experience.                                                                             


    9. You are not in kindergarten.  Please conduct yourselves with common sense and manners.

         If you need help with this, I will be happy to work with you.


    10. I have chosen to spend my day with you. I am happy about this fact.

         While I understand that we all have “off days”, it should not be every day that you are   

         having an off day. Should this be the case, please make an appointment with me so we can

         look for a solution. Life is too short to be miserable!



    I am easy to get along with and open to suggestions as long as they do not disrupt the learning I expect to be taking place in my classroom.  Please feel free to give me honest feedback without fear of reprisal (profanity is not appropriate at any time).


    http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/CTAE/Documents/Food-Nutrition-Wellness.pdf  (official resource for the entire contents of the standards)