• Grading Policy and Assignment Protocol




    It is the expectation that all assignments will be completed and submitted on the due date. Assignments turned in late will have 10 points deducted per day. Late work will not be accepted after the rd day.

    Assignments not submitted will result in a grade of "0"

    Per Henry County Board Policy, it is the student's responsibility to ask the teacher for make up work and procedures for when to turn it in, when they are absent.

    Please be sure to write your homework assignments in your agenda daily. Parents must sign the agenda nightly.

    Assignments should be free of dirt, liquids, or food.

    Assignments should be neatly written, or clean, wrinkle free paper. Please make sure you are writing on the correct side of the paper. Also please be sure to follow the guidelines given in class for heading your paper.

    All homework assignments will be explained prior to leaving school. Please be sure to listen, and ask questions about any assignment before leaving school.


    Grading Scale

    90-100=A            80-89=B              74-79 = C          70-73= D     Below 70= F

    *** Projects and/or special assignments will have separate instructions and procedures for special grading***