• Mission Statement

    The mission of the library media program at Dutchtown Middle School is to promote literacy and the effective use of ideas and information for students and staff by fostering an active, authentic learning environment for students to become independent, information-literate, lifelong learners. 




    • To build the library media center's collection with an array of print, non-print, and electronic resources that support the adopted Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS).
    • To integrate learning activities across all content areas with media center resources
    • To make connections among all stakeholders to include students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community.
    • To create lifelong learners who consistently utilize their information-seeking skills in accessing, evaluating, and using information to solve problems and satisfy their own curiosity.
    • To increase students’ and teachers’ knowledge in accessing and integrating the various technology resources into teaching and learning.

    Library Media Center Services

    Hours of Operation

    The media center is open daily with a flexible schedule for all students, faculty/staff and parents.  The hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 8:15 am until 3:40 pm.  The media center has special afterschool hours on Tuesdays ONLY, and will remain open until 5:30. Students must have a signed parent note and let Mrs. Withers know in advance to stay afterschool. 
    Media Center Rules
    • Sign-in at the Circulation Desk
    • Show "Hall Pass" to Media Center Staff
    • All school rules apply in the media center
    • Enter the media center quietly
    • Respect other patrons
    • Discard all food, candy and drinks
    • Turn off cell phone and/or other mobile devices
    • Come prepared with all necessary materials (pencil, paper, textbooks, assignment, etc.)
    • Clean area prior to leaving
    • Push chairs under the table
    • Sign-out before leaving 




    Flexible Schedule

    The library media center operates on an "OPEN ACCESS” (flexible) schedule. During instructional time, students must have their signed pass from a teacher or administrator to visit the media center for research, test taking, check out, etc.  Classes are encouraged to sign up to utilize the many print and non print resources available in the Media Center.  Additionally, all teachers are encouraged to sign their class up for collaboratively planned, media center lessons routinely.



    Checkout Procedures

    Students may check out up to two (2) books at a time.  All books checked out of the media center must be returned within two weeks in order for the student to avoid incurring late fees. Parents and teachers are asked to encourage their students to read daily (at least 30 minutes) to enhance fluency and comprehension.


    Students are not allowed to checkout reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.).  However, they are allowed to utilize them in the Media Center and/or online at any time.  



    Overdue Books

    All books checked out by students are due two weeks from the day of checkout.  Books should be returned to the media center by the due date, this applies to all patrons.  Students are charged $.05 per book, per day for overdue books.  This fee will not exceed $2.00 per book, however, the student will not be allowed to checkout another book until all overdue books are returned and the overdue fees accumulated are paid.  Books will be considered lost if it is still overdue after forty-five (45)days. 

    Lost/Damaged Books
    The student is responsible for the replacement cost of any and all lost or damaged books.  If a book is damaged while in the possession of the patron the damage should be reported to the media specialist immediately, and the patron will be responsible for the replacement cost of the book.  If damage is discovered prior to checkout, it must be reported to the media specialist immediately.  If damage is not reported prior to checkout the patron will be responsible for any and all damage discovered upon return of the book.


    All fees incurred due to damaged or lost books must be paid before the patron can checkout another book.  Once fees are paid the patron will be provided with a receipt, and checkout privileges will be restored.  If lost and/or damaged book fines are not paid, a hold will be placed on the student's account, and access to Infinite Campus (to view grades) will be denied for both parents and students. Any lost book that is found, within one month of payment, can be returned to the media center for a full refund.  There is no refund for damaged books.



    Computer Usage

    The computers in the media center are available for all patrons with an Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Agreement on file.  Teachers can send students (up to four at a time) to utilize the computers for research and/or class assignments only.  Students will not be allowed to use the computers in the media center to play games, check email, etc.  Teachers are encouraged to provide the research project dates and topics to the media specialist in advance so that adequate and effective assistance can be provided to the student(s). 
    Printer Use
    Students are allowed to print using the black and white, and/or color printer located in the media center.  The cost to print in black and white is $0.10 per copy, and $0.25 for color copies. Students must follow copyright guidelines when utilizing the printers in the media center.