•  What in the world is Project Based Learning? (PBL)
     PBL                                                         PBL4
    These videos will help students and parents understand the Project Based Learning experience. (Copy the links and paste into your browser)
    This one is a typical student reaction to the word "project."
    Here are some middle school students creating a Restaurant Menu, writing letters for a grant, investigating healthy food options, making an advertisement ... Watch this video provided by the Buck Institute to understand how students use PBL to demonstrate mastery in all content areas.
    This is one is how our students will react when we begin our journey through PBL!!
    Follow our Language Arts classroom on Twitter (Mrs. Mayo, @mayo_allison) for useful links and resources to PBL and some really cool stuff that we will do in our class throughout the year!

Last Modified on August 10, 2014