Don't Forget!!!


    Important Reminders!!!




    Welcome to my class! Please come every day ready to listen and learn!




    I am so excited about our new group of First Graders!




    Ice cream is $1 and will only be available on Fridays.



    Physical Education (P.E.) is every Tuesday. Please remember to wear appropriate footwear (no boots or flip flops)

    School Hours:
    7:45am - 2:25pm
    Please make sure your child is at school by at least 7:40 a.m. to ensure s/he is not tardy to class! If your child will be eating breakfast in the cafeteria, Please make sure s/he is here earlier (the school opens for students & parents at 7:15a.m.).  If arriving at school before 7:30, please go to the gym or cafeteria (if eating breakfast).



    Transportation Changes


    You must send a written note if your child has a transportation change. We can not take a child's word!


    Media Center Books

    Our day to check out books from the Media Center is Wednesday. Your child must bring back their book by Tuesday if they want to check out a new one.


    Absences / Excuses

    If your child is absent, you must send in a written note in his/her homework folder regarding their absence.