First Grade Reading Program - Components:
         We are currently using the phonics program by Fountas & Pinnell during our Literacy Group time, as well as Reader's & Writer's Workshop.  The teacher teaches a mini-lesson on a particular various components on reading and writing.  Then the students model it and practice it. Lastly, we share what we have learned. We create anchor charts as a class that help remind students of what we have discussed.   
    Various Components:
    • Read to Self - Read quietly and read the entire time.
    • Read with a Partner - Read quietly; Read the entire time; Check for understanding; Sit EEKK with your partner (elbow to elbow, knee to knee)
    • Listen to Reading
    • Writing
    • Working with Words
    Various Mini-Lessons:
    • 3 ways to read a book:  1) Look at the pictures / talk about the pictures.  2) Read the words.  3) Retell a story you have already read.
    • How to "Read to Self":  We will learn to find a spot in the classroom to place our own "spots" students are to read the entire time from our "Book Baggies," no talking to our neighbors, have a "bubble" space around ourselves, and read to ourselves no louder than a whisper voice.
    • Listening to Reading:  We practice daily on our "listening to reading" skills - Look & listen, voices quiet, sit criss-cross applesauce in our own square, hands in our laps, and raise your hand when you want to speak (after the story has been read).
    • WritingWe currently write in our Monthly Writing Journals every morning.  The students will learn where to put the numerical date, title, and illustration.  We will practice writing between the lines, as well as learning to write "tall," "short," and "long" letters on the lines.
    • Next...Learning how to pick a good-fit book ("I Pick"), Working with Words.