• Please work with your child for about 5 minutes each night on letters, sounds, or sight words.  It is important that they practice daily.  We will test them at least once a week.
    Phonemic Awareness:  Hearing the sounds in words is very important to help children become better readers and listeners.
    Show students pictures and have them identify the beginning, middle, and ending  sound and the rhyme (bat would be said as onset is /b/ sound and -at, the rest of the word.  This can be referred to as word families; bat, rat, cat, hat.  We use the term onset and rhyme when we are identifying them in different words.  Students should be able to substitute the  beginning, middle, & ending sounds in words.  For example, change the sound /h/ in hat to /b/, what is the new word, bat  Change the /t/ in hat to /d/, what is the new word, had.