o   Listen when others are talking

    o   Come prepared and homework completed

    o   Share and take turns

    o   Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself

    o   Follow directions and school rules

    o   Use kind words and be nice to our teachers and friends

    o   Raise hand in order to leave seat or speak


    Each student will start with their clothespin on green or “Ready to Learn” each day. Throughout the day, students will be asked to move their clothespin up or down on the chart according to their behavior. If a student makes an improved choice after moving their clip down, they will be given a chance to move their clip back up. As a PBIS school, we want to focus on positive behaviors. We will also use the SOAR program in which students strive to earn 15 punches weekly; punches are earned when a teacher “catches the student being good.” We want to have a safe, positive learning environment for all of our students. Please talk to your student at home each night and reinforce our desire for students to go home on green, blue, or pink each day.   We appreciate your assistance and support!


    Below are the colors on the color chart and what they mean:

    Purple- This level is reserved for extraordinary behavior and will not be given out loosely. Pink means that your child continued to show exceptional positive behavior all day. Please do not expect your child to come home on a pink every day.

    Blue- Students move their clip up to blue for making good choices, trying their best, and showing good character. This is a good level to end the day on!

    Green- This is an acceptable level for the students to earn. If a student ends the day on this level, they did not get in trouble, but they didn’t go ‘above and beyond’ to move up to blue, purple, or pink.

    Orange- Students move to this level as a reminder that they need to follow the classroom rules. If they come home on a yellow, it means they were given a warning and should strive to make better choices the next day.

    Yellow-Students move to this level after they have been given a reminder about following class and school rules. At this level, the teacher will choose a consequence for the student. (Ex: 5 minutes off recess, silent lunch, etc…)

    Red- Students who move down to red have continued to struggle with their behavior. Parents will receive contact from the teacher to discuss the behavior, reminders of expectations, and plan for better choices in the future.