• Classroom Expectations


    Virtual Classroom Rules

    1. Attendance

    • Check in with your instructor, attendance will be taken daily at the beginning of class. 
    • You must be seen at the start of the class period to mark you present, just like any other class. 
    • If you do not attend the Meet, you will be marked absent.

    2. Virtual Class Instruction

    • Come to virtual class prepared.
    • Be ready to discuss content material along with any questions or concerns you may have concerning the material.

    3. Virtual Class Expectations

    • Keep all other devices off during live lessons and treat classmates and teachers with dignity and respect.
    • Keep microphones muted unless you have a question or are participating in class discussions. 

    4. Responsibility

    • You are responsible for completing your assignments on time!
    • You will  know the deadline for completing your assignments and it is your responsibility to work at a reasonable pace to finish on time.

    Class Expectations
     Be Ready To Learn
     Do Your Best
     Be Respectful
     Be Responsible
     Never Give Up
    Use Kind Words 
    Try New Things 
    Help Clean Up
    Work Hard And Have Fun!!!!