1. Be on time.
    • Student should be inside the classroom before the tardy bell rings.
    • If a student arrives late from a previous class, he/she must have a pass from the teacher of that class.  I will check :)


    2. Students are expected to be in class.
    • A student who needs to use the bathroom, get a drink of water, must do so in a timely matter before the class starts.  The student should quickly come to class, place their belongings at their desk, and inform the teacher of where they are going so as not to be marked late.  A student who takes an abnormally long time to return to class will be marked late.
    • Once class begins, students will only be able to use the bathroom at the discretion of the teacher and then only when they take the proper pass.  Students are not allowed to go anywhere else unless given permission by the teacher.
    • Students who abuse the privilege to leave the class will lose the right to do so.
    • If a student is present in school but not in class, he/she must have the teacher's permission prior to being absent.  Permission to be absent from class will only be given in special situations.


    3. Use appropriate language
    • Disrespectful language will not be tolerated regardless of the manner in which it was intended.  This includes any profanity, inappropriate  comments, racial, gender, or sexual orientation insults.


    4. Come to class prepared and remain alert
    • Students are to be responsible with class materials and are to come to class prepared.
    • Sleeping in class or consistently placing the head on the desk will not be tolerated.
    • Once class begins, students are not to work on material for other classes, unless allowed by the teacher, such as after the completion of a test..


    5. Do not create distractions
    • Do not get up while class in in session unless necessary.  Throw papers away at the end of class and make sure your pencil is sharpened at the beginning of class.  Emergencies are always an exception but never deliberate distractions.


    6. Food and Drink
    • Food and drinks are not to be consumed in the classroom.  The only exception is clear water.


    7. School Rules
    • All school rules, as addressed in the Student Handbook, should also be followed.


    8. Cell Phones
    • You are encouraged to BYOT.  However, you are not allowed to abuse the use of technology in the classroom, such as shopping for shoes during class time.


    9. Respect! Respect! Respect!
    • All students are to show respect to teacher, classmates, classroom, and themselves at all times.  If the teacher or another student is addressing the class, others are to be quiet.  If someone asks a question, other students should pay attention because it may prove helpful.  Unsolicited and unnecessary talking will not be tolerated.


    Contact Information
    Students who wish to discuss a specific question, circumstance, grade, or assignment, should speak with the teacher before or after  class or make arrangements to meet after school.  Class time will not be used to discuss an individual's specific situation.  If a student wishes to meet after school, please make arrangements with the teacher during class.
    If a student or parent needs to contact the teacher , please do so via email at keshawilliams@henry.k12.ga.us


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