April 13-17


    April 13th-17th

    Students will follow the schedule sent home on Friday.  If your child was absent or forgot theirs, here is the schedule:


    ***Xtramath: Students may practice math fact fluency

    ***HMH Math Assignments:  Continue working in your math workbooks.

    IXL:  Students have been assigned math activities about area and perimeter.  The link can be found in the Math Google Classroom.


    ***Read Theory-  Keep taking those tests!!!  We're still having a Class Competition!!!

    ***IXL-Use this online program to practice various language arts concepts.  The link can be found in the ELA classroom.

    10:50-11:20-Uninterrupted Silent Reading with a book of their choice!

    12:20-12:50- Writing-This week, there will be one writing prompt a day.  Your child may type each response in Google Docs.  When all 4 prompts have been completed, your child may submit their writing (on Thursday or Friday).  

    Writing Prompt #1:  Describe a day that you were grouchy.  

    Writing Prompt #2:  Imagine you could snap your fingers and be anywhere else in the world.  Write about where you would go.

    Writing Prompt #3:  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Writing Prompt #4:  How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Write an informational piece describing the steps.

    12:50-1:20-  Science:  Your child will go to apps, HMH, core content, science, Unit 5, Lesson 3 and complete these activities:

    Activity 1:  Read "How Does Sunlight Affect Objects?"  Be the Summary Supplier and summarize this article.

    Activity 2:  Take the Online Assessment for "How Does Sunlight Affect Objects?"

    Activity 3:  Science Experiment:  Melting Ice Race

    Activity 4:  Science Experiment:  Ice Stalagmites

    1:20-2:00-WIN Time:  This is a time that your child is working on something of their choice!  Your child can get on multiplication.com or other fun math websites!!!