• Birthdays             
    Birthday parties may NOT be held at school.
     Therefore, no cupcakes, balloons, streamers, or 
     noise makers should be sent to school. However, 
     you may send money to purchase ice cream or slushies
     in the cafeteria as a special treat for the class on your child’s
     birthday. We will have the treats during our lunchtime. 
    There will be a Ziploc bag provided in your 
    child's folder. Please place all money in
    this bag and write a corresponding note
    that states the intended purpose for the money.
    The school sells ice-cream at lunch.
    However, we will not be buying ice-cream
    for the first two weeks of school. This will allow 
    children time to get used to our lunch schedule.
    My class will have the privilege of buying ice-cream
    on Wednesdays and Thursdays. However, the
    teacher reserves the right to suspend or revoke
    ice-cream privileges due to a child's
    misbehavior. Ice-cream money is separate from
    lunch money. The cost for ice-cream is $1.00.
    We will be having a snack each day.
    To make it easier on everyone, I will
    send home a snack calendar with your
    child's name. On that day, please send
    enough snacks for all the children
    in the class (plan for 24). This way you
    will only have to prepare snacks once
    a month instead of daily.  Healthy snack
    choices include graham crackers, fruit
    snacks, and goldfish crackers (No drink please).

    *** Peanut Free Classroom ***


    Due to severe nut allergies, please do NOT send in any food containing nuts to the classroom. Thank you for your cooperation. 

    It is extremely important that 
    we know how your child will be getting
    home every day. Should there be a need
    for changes, please notify me as soon as 
    possible. These changes must be
    made in writing. Please place a signed
    note in your child’s folder.