You may walk your child to class for the first week.  After that, students need to walk to class on their own.  This gives them independence and responsibility.  There are faculty members posted around the school to ensure they get where they need to be.  Make sure they remember their teacher's name and ask an adult if they need help.

    You may drop off your child after 7:10.  If you arrive at or after 7:45 a.m., you will need to check in your child in the office; they will be tardy after that time.  If your child arrives  before 7:30, they should go to the gym or cafeteria (if they need to eat breakfast).  If they do not need breakfast, they may come straight to class after 7:30 and before 7:45 a.m.
    Transportation changes: 
    Please send a written note for any change in normal transportation.  Put the note in your child's folder; do not place in book bag pockets or rely on your child to hand it to us.  You may also make changes in person in the office or fax a note along with your ID.
    When sending money, please attach a note to tell us what it is for, such as lunch, ice cream, fundraiser, etc.  There will be a brown envelope in your child's folder in which to put money. 
    We will have carts at each table for your child to put their supplies.  We will be using pencil boxes this year, so please label your child's supplies with their name.  You may want to label pencils, markers, or other larger items.  It would be best to do that with individual markers but it may be tedious to do each crayon but at least label the box.  
    Snacks are not provided.  Each student should bring their own snacks.  I will provide plain Cheerios the first week for anyone who forgets to bring something.  After that, please pack a snack in your child's book bag.  Snacks should be a dry type snack that can be eaten with fingers. We have a limited time to eat snacks.  DO NOT send sticky snacks, ones that are eaten with spoons, juice drinks, or required peeling (like yogurt, fruit cups, whole oranges).  Some good examples are:  fruit-apple slices, grapes, or raisins; crackers (Lance type or self made with peanut butter, cheese, etc.) ; dry cereal; granola bars, pop tarts, or something that will give your child a mid-morning boost.  We have a water fountain in the room or restroom to get as needed.  Snack time will be about 10:00 a.m.  
    LUNCH TIME:     Our lunch time will be at 12:26-12:56.  If you want to each with your child, sign in with the office for a pass.  If you want anyone else to be able to eat with your child, be sure to fill out the form in the office.   We will have second to last lunch and unfortunately that may mean lunch choices have changed due to lots of visitors or late food supply deliveries.  If your child usually brings their lunch but wants a specific food, such as pizza, you may want to still send something they like just in case the menu has changed by the end of the day.  
    EXTRA CLOTHES:  Please be sure to send a change of clothes for any unforeseen bathroom or other accidents.  We do some painting and other activities that may be messy.  Put them in a zip lock bag and label with their name and teacher name & grade.  Please send pants, shirt, underwear, & socks.  We will send them home if they need to be washed.  Please return an outfit the next day.   Also, temperatures vary in the class room, so you may want to put a light jacket in your child's book bag in case they get cold.  Please label it.   
    DISMISSAL:  If your child is a car rider, they will be escorted to the front of the school.  At open house or in the office, you may sign up for a car rider number. Your child will also have this number on their dismissal card and attached to their book bag. You will show this number to the person in the car rider lines, they will call your child to a color column, & you will be directed to that spot to get your child.  You may also walk up to the cross walk, show your number card to the person there, they will get your child, and walk them to you.  
    HOMEWORK:  We do limited homework sheets but may send some home based on your child's needs.  The main homework should be working on letters, sounds, & sight words daily.  We will check the sight word folders at least once a week.  Please do not mark on the sheets; teachers will check them off.