• Test

    USA Test Prep: Great resource to study for the EOCT which includes practice questions, mini-lessons, etc.
    SAT Question of the Day: Sample questions and practice for the SAT. You can even get these questions sent to your email daily!
    ACT Practice: Site for ACT practice.  This site also has the "Question of the Day" and sample questions and tests. 
    Research and Writing:
    MLA Citation Guide: Sponsored by Purdue University, this website is a one-stop-shop for all things MLA Works Cited and Citations.
    Grammar Bytes: Website with practice resources for grammar as well as instructional PowerPoints and videos.
    Grammarly: Great grammar check for your writing.
    The Media Center also has many resources to help in this area.  Their website is located under "Academics" on the ELHS website.
    Literary Analysis:
    LitCharts: This is a great source to use while reading texts in class.  This resource should be used as a supplemental material NOT in place of the actual text.  Yes, you still must read!
    Oxford English Dictionary (OED): This site gives you the various definitions of words.  This is a great source to use as you read and annotate.
    Annotation Guide and Examples: This link gives you guidelines to actively read as well as examples of annotation.