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    Welcome to the page that is dedicated to the success of 6th grade ELA learners at Hampton Middle School! The facilitators of ELA will collaborate to ensure that we are keeping resources that will help to review or enrich your learning experiences up to date on this site. Please ask one of us of you have questions about anything that you find here.
    In addition to the resources that you will find here, we will be using digital platforms for instruction and review in the classroom. We will also use digital platforms as a means to informally or formally assess understanding of our learners. We hope that the variety of mediums used for instruction and understanding will fully engage learners in the ELA tasks.
    Please be patient with us as we move to a personalized learning environment in our school. We believe that this is what is best for children as we encourage each one of them to fully realize their potential and goals. Each facilitator will be employing 21st century skills in instruction and asking learners to employ those same skills as they apply skills and knowledge to learning tasks. As we move more fully to a personalized learning environment, learners will be able to go further and reach higher than ever before.
    on the bus  Getting Started!
    In the beginning of the academic year each learner was given a copy of the ELA syllabus and expectations were reviewed. If, at any time, you need another copy please do not hesitate to ask. A copy of the syllabus is also available online through specific web pages and links.
    Each learner was also asked to begin and instructed to maintain an Interactive Notebook (INB). These learner-created notebooks are filled with materials and resources that are meant to provide scaffolding and support as we progress through the curriculum. Some topics are review with further applications and others are entirely new. Since there are not enough ELA textbooks to provide each learner their own copy, the INB will also function as a personalized textbook. Who wouldn't benefit from that?
    We started our curriculum this year by reviewing and learning parts of speech, plot structure, literary elements,
    and sentence types, among other things. We will continue to employ these concepts in application as we move forward this year.
    reading Novel Studies!
    We recently began our first novel study with Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko. We completed preliminary work with an author study and background information that will increase understanding of themes and topics that are included in this novel. We will continue to use informational texts in the classroom that supplement understanding and enjoyment of the novel. As we complete the novel study, we will incorporate ELA skills and writing tasks along with our reading activities. These tasks will target specific areas of need and provide opportunities for review and enrichment, as appropriate.It is our intention that this will provide seamless instruction for each learner. 
    Please follow links on the appropriate page for activities associated with each novel.