• Astronomy Unit
    Chapter 22 - Exploring Space
    Notes (Click Here) 
    Eclipse ppt and webquest (Click Here)
    BrainPop reviews: Apollo Project, Space Flight, Gravity, and Satellites 
    Chapter 23: Sun - Earth - Moon System
    BrainPop reviews: Moon, Moon Phases, Eclipse
    Moon Phases Video (Copy and paste link in browser): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWeaQctUp1c 
    Solar and Lunar Eclipses Video (Copy and paste link in browser): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVE8PFYlwSM 
    Chapter 24 - The Solar System  
    Section 1 and The Inner Planets Notes (Click Here)
    Section 3 The Outer Planets Notes (Click Here) 
    Order of the Planets Drawing (Click Here)
    Mr. G Podcast Stars, galaxies, and solar systems
     - Word Bank(Click Here)
    Planet Research Project
    - Outline (Click Here)
    - Directions (Click Here)
    - Grading Rubric (Click Here)
    Chapter 25 - Stars and Galaxies
    Vocab chart (Click Here)
    Meteors, asteroids, and comets reading activity (Click Here)
    Astronomy Summary Packet (Click Here)
    Astronomy Jeopardy Review Game (Click Here)
    Astronomy USA Test Prep (Directions) - Click Here 
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