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    " Ensuring the Educational Success for each Student "

    The Henry County School System partners with colleges and universities in the preparation of pre-teacher field experiences. Our focus is to engage in the collaboration of connecting the right student with the right mentor teacher to ensure a positive field experience. Our teachers are among the leading teachers and researchers in their fields. It is our goal that all individuals have equal access to meaningful learning opportunities throughout their experiences in Henry County Schools.


    G E N E R A L I N F O R M A T I O N:

    Pre-teacher preparation includes field experiences inclusive of observations, practicums, internships, and student teaching. These services provide the opportunity for college student candidates to be mentored by effective mentors to assist in developing the knowledge, skills and dispositions deemed essential to become effective professional educators. We will make all efforts to grant specific requests. However, placements are based upon availability and are not guaranteed.

    For more information, please access our brochure HERE.

    P R O S P E C T I V E S T U D E N T S :
    Please do not contact individual schools or principals to request field experience placements. Contact the student placement advisor at your respective university to begin the placement request process.

    U N I V E R S I T Y :

    All colleges/universities must have a current signed contractual agreement with Henry County Schools before a placement can be secured. This document must be signed by both the College Dean and Henry County Superintendent before it is deemed valid. A list of colleges/universities with agreements on file can be found HERE.

    The student placement advisor should complete and submit the Student Candidate Field Experience Request form to Stacey Odom in Human Resource Services.

    R E Q U I R E D F O R M S:

    Henry County University Contract Agreement, please click HERE.

    Henry County Schools Criminal Background Authorization Form, please click HERE 

    Student Candidate Field Experience Request Form, please click HERE.


    Application Submission Window

    August -
    December 2016
    May 1 - June 30
    March 2016
    September 15- October 31
    *To minimize classroom distractions, the last date to begin a fall field experience will be
    September 1, 2016

    For more information, please contact:

    Stacey Odom, HR Specialist 

    Kim Terrell, Employment Staffing Coordinator 
    Phone: 770.957.5107
    Fax: 770.954.9202