• Eagle’s Landing High School

    Tennis Policies and Guidelines


     Eligibility Guidelines:

    1.  Academic requirements

     A.     Student must have passed 5 of 7 subjects on the first semester report card from the Fall semester of the 2013-2014 school year to remain on the team according to Section 1 of the GHSA Bylaws.

    B.     Student must also meet these academic requirements during the second semester, which ends during the season at the end of May of the 2012-2013.

    C.     Returning students must also remain “on track.”  Second year students must have accumulated 4 units and third year students must have accumulated 10 units.

     2.  Physical examination requirement

     Each student must have a physical on file with the Athletic Director and the tennis coach before practice begins.  All physicals must be signed and dated by a physician, and are valid for one year from the date on the report. 

    3.  Insurance Coverage requirements

    Each student must have either school insurance or a private policy that will cover the student if injured while participating in tennis activities or while traveling to or from any activity.  The name of the insurance company and policy number must be provided before the student can practice.  If athlete’s insurance policy changes, please notify the coaches immediately.

    4.  Parent consent requirements

    The student’s parent signature on this form provides your consent for your child to participate in all ELHS tennis activities.

    5.  Emergency medical consent requirements

    The student must have on file a form giving the coaching staff the authority to seek emergency medical treatment in the absence of the parent.  This form indicates that the parent is the party responsible for any bills incurred during the medical treatment.  This form was required for your child to tryout for the tennis team.

    6.  Tennis guidelines and procedures requirements

    Both student and parent/guardian must sign this form indicating that you have read this constitution and all other guidelines and regulations of the athletic department.  Signing indicates that all parties agree to fully abide by these guidelines. We feel that our guidelines are both appropriate and fair.  We expect everyone involved to respect our coaching staff.  The staff has worked hard to make this tennis program a successful one.

     7.  Workout and conditioning requirements

     Workouts to increase strength and agility will be required of all athletes during the season.  For the safety of your child and all team members, it is important that all students remain in top physical condition.  During breaks from school, your child will be asked to complete workout programs to keep them in good condition.

     8.  Code of Conduct

     Each student will be required to have the code of conduct signed by the parent/guardian, and by the student.


     For an athlete to be successful in tennis, it is crucial for them to be at all practices. Any absence must be approved by the coach prior to the absence. Any unexcused absence may result in the athlete losing the privilege of competing in the next tennis match. After the 3rd unexcused absence, your child may be removed from the tennis team.

    If an athlete is absent from practice for any reason the day before a match, they will not compete in the next day’s match. Please schedule appointments accordingly.

    ****Multiple excused absences are also detrimental to the team. The coaches reserve the right to bench or dismiss an athlete that has not put in enough time to contribute to the team.


    Tennis practices will be scheduled prior to both breaks to try and accommodate as many of our student/athlete’s schedules as possible.


    A fee of no more than $200.00 will be collected from each athlete to cover the cost of transportation, tournaments, hotel rooms, and general cost of running the program,  There is also a $50 athletic fee (one-time fee paid to cover any and all sports played during the school year).

     Uniform Requirements


     1. Shoes: Good tennis shoes are necessary to train at practice. Please be sure the shoes have good arch support, as well as tread on the bottom.

    2. Clothes: Each athlete should keep 2 sets of clothes in their workout bag. This includes a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt for cold weather days, and a t-shirt and shorts for warm-weather days. 

    *** Jeans, soffees, and pajama shorts or pants are not acceptable.

    *** Appropriate tennis apparel must be worn at practice.

    3. Undergarments: Proper athletic undergarments are required. 


     1.      All athletes must be properly dressed and meet all uniform requirements before entering a match. We will leave the locker room and bus looking like a team.

     2.      Shoes: Appropriate Tennis shoes are necessary.

     3.      Undergarments: Proper athletic undergarments are required.

     Disciplinary Procedures

     Benching, Suspension, or Dismissal:

     If at any time a parent of an athlete has a question concerning the handling of discipline problems, please make an appointment with the coach to discuss the problem before it escalates out of proportion.  The first step to handling a concern is to speak with the coach.

    An athlete may be benched, suspended or dismissed for the following reasons:

    1. Unexcused Absences and tardiness to meets or performances             

     1st        benching

     2nd       suspension

     3rd       dismissal

     2.  Unexcused tardy to practice                                

    1st        warning

    2nd        benching

    3rd        suspension

    4th        dismissal 

    3.  Uniform violations                                                

    immediate benching

    4.  Unsportsmanlike conduct                                    

    immediate benching

    5.  Disrespectful attitude or insubordination toward coaches   

    1st       warning

    2nd       benching

    3rd        suspension

    4th        dismissal

     Minor bickering, arguing, display of an attitude of dissension toward the team             

    1st     warning

    2nd     benching

    3rd      suspension

    4th      dismissal

    8.  Academic ineligibility, see handbook                    

    immediate dismissal

    9.  Confirmed use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco        

     immediate dismissal

     10.  Behaving detrimental to the team’s safety or performance.

     1st        warning

     2nd        benching

     3rd        suspension

     4th        dismissal

     8. Unexcused absence at practice

    1st        benching

    2nd        suspension

    3rd        dismissal

    12.  ISS                                                                      

    1st        suspension

    2nd        dismissal

    13.  OSS                                                                     

    immediate dismissal

    14.  Assigned to Alternative School                              

    immediate dismissal

    All violations will be submitted to the Athletic Director and an administrator.

    If an athlete is benched, they will not be allowed to compete in the match. They are expected to come to the match and assist the managers with their duties, as well as support their team mates during the match.

    A suspended athlete is not allowed to participate in practice or matches. They will not be allowed to travel with the team to matches, and are not allowed in the stadium during practice. Any athlete that violates this suspension will be dismissed from the team.


    1.     An athlete’s conduct shall be held to a higher standard than other students.  This includes in the classroom, hallways, and all school events.  Any unusual behavior or attitude, which is not compliant with the guidelines and the integrity of the team, will result in a conference with parents, coach, and administrator prior to dismissal from the team.

    2.      If you plan on being absent, you contact your coach. No messages will be accepted by another team member. We will not accept an excuse the next day.

    3.      Parents and other spectators need to move well away from the courts when using cell phones.  We expect Ola supporters to exhibit the high standards of  conduct and sportsmanship expected our players.

    Bus Travel

    Athletes will travel both by bus and also by parent provided transportation.  They will be inform ahead of time so parents and athletes are aware of the travel arrangements for the date specified. 


    1.      Athletes are not allowed to have cell phones during practice.

    2.      An athlete cannot have any electronic device at the area of competition at a match.  (This is a Georgia High School Association Rule!!)

    3. All athletes are expected to stay until the end of every match to support their teammates and to help clean up the match area.

    Parental involvement

    We hope that the parents of our athletes will be involved in our program. We hope that you will come watch your child compete.


    Any athlete with no discipline violations and in good financial standing with their tennis account and has played in two varsity matches will be awarded a Varsity Letter for tennis. The coaches also reserve the right to award Varsity Letters as they see fit.

     Parent/Guardian Permission For Participation and Adherence to ELHS TENNIS Guidelines, Rules and Consequences

     I do herby give permission for my child, ___________________________ to participate in ELHS TENNIS Program, realizing that such participation involves the potential for injury, which is inherent in all sports.  I acknowledge that even with the best observance of the rules, injuries are still a possibility. 

    I acknowledge that I have read and understand the warning presented herein.

    I agree not to hold the school or anyone acting on its behalf responsible for any injury occurring to my son/daughter in the proper course of such athletic activity. 

    I have read the ELHS Tennis guidelines, rules, and consequences.  As a parent, I agree to support the enforcement of these regulations.


    Date ___________________         Parent signature __________________________________

    I have read the ELHS guidelines, rules, and consequences.  As a team member, I agree to abide by these regulations and consequences.


    Date___________________          Athlete Signature _________________________________



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