• Medication Administration by Clinic Staff

    Should you feel your child may need “over the counter medications”, or if prescribed medications by their doctor to be taken while at school we will need you to:

    1. Read, complete and sign a STUDENT HISTORY & MEDICATION AUTHORIZATION form. 
    2. Provide the medication and any thing needed to dispense it.    (i.e.: measuring spoon, nebulizers, aero chambers etc.)
    3. Please remember that NO MEDICATIONS are to be transported by students. You will need to bring it to the school in person.
    4. Any & all medication must be in the original unopened package. The students name, ID # & grade should be clearly marked on the package or bottle. Should your child require an inhaler please have the pharmacist put the label on the inhaler NOT the box. The boxes tend to get crushed and torn up. If the inhaler doesn’t have a label on it we can not allow it to be used.  Your pharmacist will print a duplicate label for this purpose at NO cost to you.
    5. We cannot accept loose pills.
    6. Samples MUST be accompanied by a prescription from the doctor. 
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation in these matters.