• Congratulations to our Knights of the Month
    August - Responsibility
    Be Accountable for your choice:  Think before you act - consider the consequences; Persevere:  Keep on trying! 
    September - Fairness 
    Be open-minded and reasonable; Listen to others; Don't take advantage of others. 
    October -  Respect
    Treat others with courtesty and hoor; Be tolerant of differences; Helping those in need. 
    November - Kindness
    The quality of being warm-hearted, considerate and sympathetic; Helping those in need. 
    December - Compassion
    To care for other; To show conern for the hardship of others
    January - Honesty
    Be truthful in what you say and do; Be reliable - do what you say you will do; Have the courage to do the right thing. 
    February - Cooperation
    Working together toward a common goal; Do your share to make our school and classroom better.
    March - Integrity
    To Show diligence and commitment; Doing the right thing when no one is watching.