• Visit the School Counselor


    Referral Process


    Any student can request to meet with the school counselor or they can be referred by a teacher, administrator, or parent. 


    Student: Any student who wishes to speak with the school counselor is encouraged to do so.  Students can fill out the “I Need to See the Counselor” pass or leave a note in the mailbox outside the Guidance Office.


    Parents: When referring a student you may email Dr. Cody or Ms. Brown at kentosha.cody@henry.k12.ga.usdalili.brown@henry.k12.ga.us,  or call the guidance office to make a referral or to set up a meeting to discuss your concerns.


     Teachers: must complete a school counselor referral sheet and drop it in her mailbox that is located in the main office.  


    **Please note-- if your referral is an urgent matter call the Main office at 770-474-9983