• Sponsor(s): Mrs. Withers & Ms. Q. Davis
    The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl ("HRRB") is a unique reading competition offered to all students at Dutchtown Middle School.  The competition was created by Helen Ruffin, a media specialist in Dekalb County, who wanted to increase the love of reading through a fun and exciting competition. 

    The HRRB competition uses questions from the Georgia Children's Book Award Nominees in a quiz bowl-like format.  There are four competitions that take place: District, Regional, Divisional, and State.  At each round, only the top two schools move on to the next competition.  We are looking forward to giving it our all, and doing well throughout the competition rounds.
     Official HRRB rules state that only one team can be sponsored by a school.  Our team consists of not more than five players and five alternates.  Alternates may be switched out between rounds. We select the 'top ten' readers out of those interested based on the following criteria:
    • Amount of books read (at least 6 of 10 books must be read) 
    • 20 Questions/Answers turned in for each book read so we can quiz each other
    • Meeting Attendance 
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     Important Dates
    Informational Meeting - October 1st (5:00 - 6:00 PM) 
    Reading Bowl Practice Begins - October 8th (see full practice schedule above)
    Competition - TBA
    Regional Reading Bowl Competition - TBA
    State Reading Bowl Competition - TBA