STEAM Student Engagement
    STEAMsters are expected to become an active member of one of the following extracurricular activities. 
    The expectation is that students engage in one of the clubs that closely aligns to their current and future goals.  Exposure to the activities, dialogue, and challenges/competitions always broadens a students scope of understanding a particular field or its related dynamics ensuring that students are well-prepared to compete in the workplace. 
    The following list of clubs and organizations represents what we currently have offered at Stockbridge High.  Each club or organization is listed with the main advisor and his or her email if you would like to ask any questions.  The list will grow over the years.
    Clubs for All Students
    Math Club - Bala Thevar
    Technology Student Association (TSA) - Carl Lashley  and Batavia Sumlin
    Coding/Maker Club (Tiger Matrix)- Batavia Sumlin
    National Honor Society -  Dr. 
    Science / Biotechnology Students
    Science National Honor Society - Sheila Midgette
    Music & Engineering Students
    National Art Honor Society - Kyle Robertson
    International Thespian Society -  Taneka Knight