• What should my child study to be successful during the First 9 week period? 
    What can I practice at home with my child to help him/her improve?
         Math- 1st 9 Weeks
    • the place value chart from the millions to the hundredths
    • determine the place and value of all numbers from the millions to the hundredths
    • explain that each digit is 10 times greater or 10 times less than the one before or after it (77,777,777)
    • identify prime and composite numbers 1-100
    • list all factors and multiples of all numbers 1-100
    • round and estimate numbers to solve problems
    • comparing and ordering numbers from the millions to the hundredths
    • subtracting fluently with numbers such as 9082-987
    • multiply a 1,2, or 3 digit number by a 1 digit number fluently using 2 different strategies
    • multiply a 2 digit number by a 2 digit numbers using 2 different strategies
    • problem solve using all four operations
    • divide using a single digit divisor
    • *Students who know their multiplication facts fluently have an easier time with the above concepts.  PLEASE drill and practice with your child until they can recite their facts within 2 seconds of hearing or seeing the fact itself.

     **Please refer to the Unit 1 Parent Letter attached to weekly newsletters or visit the Georgia Department of Education Website.