Unit 2: Early Exploration

  • Welcome to Unit 2: Early Exploration. In this Unit students will learn about the Misissippian American Indians and their cultrue, Hernando de Soto and his impact on the "New World", and the exploration and colonization of North America by England, Spain, and France.

    Use the Documents provided below for this Unit:


    SS8H1 Evaluate the impact of European exploration and settlement on American Indians in Ga.

    1. Describe the characteristics of American Indians living in Georgia at the time of European contact; to include culture, food, weapons/tools, and shelter.
    2. Explain reasons for European exploration and settlement of North America, with emphasis on the interests of the Spanish and British in the Southeastern area.
    3. Evaluate the impact of Spanish contact on American Indians, including the explorations of Hernando DeSoto and the establishment of Spanish missions along the barrier islands.