Teachers new to Henry County report in late July to take part in a special introduction to the school system and community. Through this program, which is unique to Henry County, the new teachers are given the opportunity to meet Board members, administrators, fellow teachers and community members. The week's schedule of activities includes presentations by system's curriculum specialists, a dynamic keynote speaker, and a welcome luncheon sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce's Education Committee.
    Other topics include discussions of the school system's Five Year plan and high expectations, classroom management skills, effective teaching strategies, grade-level concerns and building good parent-teacher relationships. Follow-up meetings are held on a monthly basis throughout the year at each local school to address concerns that are not covered in the TIP program.  The new teachers also work closely with mentor teachers who help them organize materials and their classrooms.
    Since the program began, it has received rave reviews from teacher participants and from state and national organizations.