• Frequently asked questions

    Contact Us:
    Dr. Anglin, room 204
    Email: joanna.anglin@henry.k12.ga.us

    School photographer: Cady Studios


    Q: How do I order a yearbook?


             A: Please visit yearbookforever.com to order your 2022 yearbook. Supplies are limited!

    Q: How much are yearbooks?
             A: $70 plus some optional accessories such as a name stamp on the cover if you order before January 25. After, only yearbooks (no accessories) are sold. Prices will increase, so order early.


    Q: When do yearbooks come in?

    A: Yearbooks are printed in the Spring and will arrive in early May. When we know the exact date it will be passed out, we publicize the date at school on announcements, in the school newspapers and our school website.

    If a student is unable to pick up a yearbook that day, we are happy to make other arrangements.


    Q: How can I get yearbooks from previous years if I did not order one?

    A: Contact Dr. Anglin for availability. We do not have copies for every year but we’ll try!


    Q: We moved. How do I get our yearbook?

    A: Contact Dr. Anglin by e-mail or phone and leave your student’s name and your new address. We’ll ship you the book and a bill for the shipping costs, usually about $9 anywhere in the continental U.S.



    Q: What about senior photos or underclassmen photos?

    A: Contact the school photographer regarding all school photo needs.


    All students, and especially seniors, need to have their pictures by the end of November. The portrait sections of the yearbook are completed before Christmas and photos cannot be added later.

    The school photographer is on campus for portraits in the fall. Order forms will be given in homeroom classes.


    Q: Senior ads?

    A: Senior ads are on sale from September to December and afterward if we still have space. Information will be given out in senior homeroom classes. More information about ads can be found by using the menu at the left marked Senior Ad.


    Q: Senior baby photos?

              A: All seniors need to get a baby photo to Dr. Anglin by Christmas. More information will be given in homeroom classes. ALL seniors should participate!



    Q: What about the panoramic photo that the seniors take (usually in May)

              A: Cady Studios takes the panoramic photos and sells them during lunches. 



    Q: Who takes the photos for the sports teams?

              A: Contact the specific coach for info. Coaches choose their own times and dates with Cady Studios for their team(s).