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    Great Readers and Great Writers...
    To become fluent in reading and writing children must also develop skills of automatic recognition of sight words. 
    A child's comprehension skills may falter if they have to focus their reading on sounding out their words, or the decoding of words.  As we work together, we will ensure that these 'puzzle' words or sight words are practiced until instantly recognized.
    I have created a Power-point for you that contains our High Frequency words which will help this process. Follow the directions below to download a copy to your computer, laptop or tablet for additional practice.
    (The sight word list I have created below is aligned to our Open Court Phonics required High Frequency words program

    Click here to download the free font I used to create the text on the slides (Optional).
    -  Down and install the font onto your laptop or computer
    -  Click on the link to download the PowerPoint.
       Link to first 50 sightwords (3 second timed) = Sight Word Lists 1-5 
    -  Save to a folder.
    -   Choose open and then click 'slideshow'.
    -   The PowerPoint will flash the sight words at the speed of 3 seconds per slide. 
    -   If your child is able to read the word on the slide before the following slide appears,  they have mastered that      sight word.  If not then make a note of the sight word and engage in fun activities to support in learning to n          read the word fluently. 

                                                Remember Practice, Makes Permanent!