News Roundup
    During remote learning, homework as we know it is suspended in 'paper' form as we will be completing all work 'live' at home. When we return to 'in-person' learning, in our classroom we will resume daily homework practices. All kindergarten students will complete similar homework at our school on a weekly basis
    Information about homework when we return to the school building.
    Please support your child with their homework each day.  Homework is a review of the content we are learning and practicing within our classroom. You are supporting your child's learning by encouraging them to complete their homework each day.  
    Our classroom is also based on a 'Flipped Classroom' (F.C.) model and as such, some weeks our homework activities will differ to other kindergarten classrooms.  
    Details of the 'F.C.' activities (i.e., video or manipulatives), will be integrated into in our weekly homework schedule. You and/or your child will record responses of understanding or to questions in their F.C. Homework Journal.  The information learned from their homework responses or practice will form the basis for your child's classroom participation, and content based 'practice' the very next day. 
              You will receive FC Login information, and follow the directions below to set yourself up for access to the Pre-Lesson video based on the content under study for that week of instruction. Alternatively, you may receive materials that will engage your student in an activity. 
    For video access our videos will be posted in either google classroom which you will be familar with and have access to, or at blendspace.com. We will consider both once we return to school.  I include the directions for blendspace access below for your future convenience.
    1.  Visit www.blendspace.com 
    2.  Sign up by creating a username and password
    3.  Click on 'join class' and then enter the class code found on your child's homework sheet or in your child's homework journal. 
     All homework is expected to be completed and returned to class the next day.  This will help to identify where students may benefit from additional support. I encourage all students to take responsibility in completing their homework, especially as they have been exposed to the content during that day or over the week. However, they may initially need your support, and will always welcome your guidance if they are unsure.
    Newsletters are currently on hold :). 
    Did you know that sight words increase student's reading fluency and reading confidence, so please be sure to visit the additional sight word support index page.
    We appreciate your continued support and understanding. 
                                              Kind Regards
                                                                Mrs. Kemp-Dorsey