•  Welcome to Room 303 where we learn by doing! 

          My Paraprofessional, Mrs. Murphy and I work to help our students progress individually and as a class. Our students participate in the Unique Learning Curriculum. Students make progress on their individual goals by practicing them at school and out in the community during our bi-monthly Community Based Instruction Trips (CBI). Our students are also responsible for a variety of school jobs at ARMS. We participate in Henry County Schools Special Olympics throughout the year, where our Olympic Jaguars have been known to bring home the gold on many occasions! Students access the regular education curriculum through the Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA), and participate in regular education connection classes. Peers involved in our Partner's Club help our students to succeed by getting involved in GAA and other activities my students and their regular education peers are involved in. We are looking forward to another successful year! Parents are welcome and encouraged to be involved in our classroom and community activities. Come and be part of the fun and learning!