• School Goal:

    Students at Austin Road Elementary will SOAR throughout the school day by following the four behavioral expectations.


    Austin Road Elementary Behavioral Expectations:


                            S                 Safe

    O                Organized

    A                Accountable

    R                Respectful

    Each student at Austin Road will wear a SOAR card during the day.  When positive behaviors are noticed throughout the building, faculty and staff will give the student’s SOAR card a hole punch.  Students meeting the required number of punches at the end of the week will be rewarded with a treat.


    Routines and rituals will be taught and followed daily to decrease the number of behavior problems.  However, if students do not follow the classroom rules, the following steps will be taken. 



    1.  Verbal Warning

    2.  Conference with teacher

    3.  Time out

    4.  Time out in another classroom

    5.  Call home/Parent conference

    6.  Infinite Campus behavior referral