• PANTS (Present And Never Tardy Students) is a program that has been implemented to discourage tardiness. Tardiness has been an on-going problem at our school. It is very important for children to be at school at the beginning of their instructional day. Habitual tardiness impacts, not only the person who is late, but it also affects the students in the class as well as the teacher. Therefore, the expectation is that all students will arrive to school on time. Students are expected to be present and in their seats by 7:45 a.m.
    Teachers will take attendance daily, being sure to notate if a student is tardy. There are PANTS Charts for each grade level located throughout the building, mainly on the Hallway of the grade level,  that asks the question, "Is your class wearing PANTS today?" Below this question is a chart with each homeroom teacher listed. The classes that have students present in their seats by 7:45 ,each day, will receive a pair of pants next to their class name. The class on each grade level with the highest percentage of students with no tardies will receive popcorn parties at the end of each 4 1/2 week period. We encourage parents to work hard to get your children here on time!