• *Here is a link for the Unit 1 study Guide :
    ELMS Family, 
    Mr. Sheltons' Math Grading Policy: The students will continually be assessed on the standards/elements that they are taught. All students will have the opportunity to be re-assessed with the higher grade being inputted in Infinite Campus. There will also be additional opportunities throughout the year for students to receive remediation for those areas that they received below a certain performance level. 
    Here is a look at the Units that we will be covering this year as well as the codes for the standards/elements. You can get a better understanding of the codes by visiting the GeorgiaStandards.Org webpage and viewing the 7th Grade Standards. I also inform the students that they can visit websites like Virtual Nerd,Youtube or KhanAcademy if they ever need any assistance with their assignments. If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at bryan.shelton@henry.k12.ga.us
    7th Grade Family, I was introduced to an amazing website that shows instructional videos aligned to our standards. The website is called learnzillion.com. Just type the skill in the search box and a number of resources will appear. See examples below.
    Combining Integers- LZ1697
    Just click on the title for multiple videos: Adding/Subtracting Properties of Operations
    Henry County has put together another great resource to help your student in math, it called the Flexbook. The Flexbook is an online book that your student can use to work through problems as well as receive additional instruction.
    Please click on the link to begin using the Flexbook: 7th Grade Flexbook
    *7th Grade Math Syllabus link* : Here is a link for the Math Syllabus
    *Please encourage your student to work on Dreambox at home especially during breaks and over the weekends! 
    If you select the Playlist tab, you can see the lessons/activities they are working on.