• Although taking medication during school hours is discouraged, we understand that sometimes it is necessary. The parent, guardian, or custodian must complete a Student Health Medication Authorization Form. All medications MUST be in the original bottle/pack clearly marked with the students name and dosage, and will be stored in the attendance office. No medications will be accepted loose in a baggy, envelope, or wrapped in a kleenex! If the student has a serious health condition, we must have a current health plan on file in the attendace office. These are required to be updated yearly. If a student needs to carry his/her inhaler on their person throughout the day, we MUST have an Asthma Action Plan on file signed by the physican and the parent.
    If your child has any of the following medical conditions, we MUST have a form completed, signed by the doctor and parent and on file in the attendance office. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
    Medication Authorization Form (For ANY medication student will need to take during school hours, OTC/Prescription)
    Auto Injectable Epinephrine Plan (for food allergies, bee stings etc)
    Asthma Action Plan
    Diabetes Action Plan
    Food Allergy Action Plan
    Seizure Action Plan
    Individual Health Plan
    Medical treatment provided to ill or injured students is limited to basix first aid. Emergency medical services WILL BE CALLED in the event that a student requires other medical attention or a parent, guardian, custodian, or authorized person on emergency card can not be contacted.
    HCBOE policy does not allow school personnel to administer any type medication to students without an Authorization Form from the parent.  

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